About Me

Sezen Lambin

I am a success and result oriented professional with 16 years of experience in Corporate Training, Learning & Talent Development in Europe, China and GCC. 

From short term projects to large-scale rollouts, I can help your organization with developing your workforce, building skills and improving  corporate performance. I take time to understand your needs and provide the right solutions both in L&D consulting and training delivery.

I have extensive record of working with complete training circle; TNA, training material design, development and delivery of interactive culture, management, communication, various soft skills training and coaching & mentoring.

Building synergies across the borders and developing global mindset in this global economy is my passion. 

Each tailored-made L&D process and training session is designed to ensure that I meet your corporate needs and exceed your expectations.

I am a lifelong learner; certified trainer in Cross-Cultural Awareness, Diversity at Work,  Licensee of Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP) tool by Fons Trompenaars and hold a MA in Sinology, MBA in EU BusinessPost Graduate in China Business Development, Certified HR management professional and ISO 29990:2010 L&D Auditor. I speak English, French, Turkish and Mandarin Chinese.

Unleash your potential! Interculturalmaze provides excellence in talent and skills development.

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