About Me

Sezen Lambin

I am a success and result oriented professional with 15 years of experience in Corporate Training, Learning & Talent Development in Europe, China and GCC. 

For short term projects to large-scale rollouts, I can help your organization with developing your workforce, building skills and improving  corporate performence. I take time to understand your needs and provide the right solutions either in L&D consulting or training delivery.

I have extensive record of working with complete training circle; TNA, KPIs, Training material design, development and delivery of interactive culture, management, communication and various soft skills training.

Building synergies across the borders and developing global mindset in this global economy is my passion. 

Each tailored-made L&D process or training session is designed to ensure that I meet your corporate needs and exceed your expectations.

I am a lifelong learner; certified trainer in Cross-Cultural Awareness, Diversity at Work,  Licensee of Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP) tool by Fons Trompenaars and hold a MA in Sinology, MBA in EU BusinessPost Graduate in China Business Development, CIPD in Learning and Talent Development. I speak English, French, Turkish and Mandarin Chinese.

Unleash your potential! Interculturalmaze provides excellence in talent and skills development.

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