"Culture is not a side dish, it is the main course"  - Fons Trompenaars

Culture is more than just about learning do’s and don’ts, it is about understanding the values that influence and drive the behaviors.  

Cultural awareness is no longer seen as a soft skill or an option but a required skill to anyone wishing to work successfully and live happily. 

Understanding that people from different cultures have different values is the foundation to success and it involves the ability of standing back from our own point and becoming aware of not only our own cultural values, beliefs and perceptions, but also those of other cultures.

No matter what your international project or your personal challenge is, I work in close partnership with you to understand your requirements and design a personalized cross-cultural solution to assist you to achieve your objectives.

Do not underestimate the role of culture in your life and let me help you build synergies across the borders!